Why Composers Need Fake TV Simulators And Security Equipment

Light from TV simulator

Today we are going to talk about some of the most important equipment any composer needs. This is equipment no one really ever mentions or thinks about. But it is absolutely vital. And that is a good security system.

Camera as part of security system

We’ll talk further down below about why you need one. First, let’s discuss some different options. Obviously, a good security system with surveillance cameras and a home station is quite expensive to buy. Then you also have to pay for the installation. In many cases you also have to pay a monthly fee for the monitoring. This all adds up.

Luckily, there are much cheaper options. Instead of buying a full-on security system, you can buy things like fake security cameras that only look like the real thing, but cost much less. They are obviously not quite as good, but they will deter most thieves.

Another great deterrent are fake TV simulators. The best of these use flashing LED lights at random, to mimic the look of a TV screen. You want to place them so that you can not see them from the outside, but so that the light shines onto a curtain. The randomly flashing lights make it look like somebody is up and watching TV. This is sure to deter any would-be burglar.

Some fake TVs

The best fake TV simulators are very inexpensive, which makes them a great alternative to a full security system. If you have a TV simulator, a few fake security cameras, and a couple of motion and door sensors, you’ll be able to keep most thieves away.

Obviously, a real security system is better, but if you don’t have the money for that, what I’m describing here is better than not having anything. But why do you even want to security system in the first place? You are a musician, composer, what need to you have for security?

Think about it. Think about all of the equipment you need to do your job and think about how much that equipment has cost you. Just a single instrument, like a violin, can cost many thousands of dollars, if you have a good one. I’m sure you have ensured all your equipment, but do you want to risk it? In fact, having a security system will usually reduce your insurance bill.

In addition to a violin, many composers have several other instruments. They also have all of the mixing and sound equipment, record players, plus microphones and everything else. Even the cables are expensive enough that someone would want to steal them. With this much expensive equipment lying around, you definitely need a security system.

Now, I know that not all of the things I mentioned above would work in every case. If all of your equipment is in a professional studio, installing a TV simulator probably would not work well, because it would seem weird for somebody to be watching TV there late at night. If you have a professional studio, I highly recommend you get a professional security system.

But if you are a composer who works from home, and your violin and other equipment is kept in that home, then a fake TV would work fairly well. The best, of course, is if no one even knows that equipment is there. If no one is aware of it, they have no need to break in. They may target your house at random, for other reasons, but not specifically for the expensive equipment.

If this is the case, a TV simulator will definitely scare them off. Why risk it for regular home, when there are plenty of other regular homes that do not have someone awake and watching TV?

Light from TV simulator

You may not see the need for security equipment at the moment, but I guarantee you, if someone breaks in and steals some of your musical equipment, like your violin, you will see the need that. The problem is that then it will be too late. That is why I highly recommend you get yourself some type of equipment to secure your home studio now.

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