The 5 Best Tools For Composing Music



For all aspiring musicians and even the seasoned ones, it is common knowledge that there is a lot that goes into composing a piece of captivating music. While good vocals is necessary, the role of composing tools simply cannot be over-emphasized. In this article, we shall discuss some of the best tools for composing music, with a view to educating you on what you need to look out for before you go for your next rendition.


cornetCornets are commonly confused with trumpets though they are fundamentally different. Cornets are divided into various categories depending on the kind of music they are used to compose. The Soprano cornet is used as a dressing over the top of an ensemble and may also be used as an absolute laser beam though in the latter case, it will depend on how it is scored. There is also the other variety known as the Repiano cornet hose function is to double instruments that often do not project well. It may also used to perform exposed passages and is a common inclusion in bands.


hornsLike Cornets, horns are sub-divided depending on their roles. The most common one is the flugelhorn which is common in jazz compositions. The flugelhorn is mainly used to compose solo passages. The Tenor Horn is classified in the middle range of the ensemble. It is often used as a solo instrument, serving the same role as a viola and in most cases, written in conjunction with baritones especially when used as a section. Lastly, we have the baritone and though commonly confused with the Euphonium, it appears to resemble the Tenor Horns in the brass band. However, it is operated in the same way as a Euphonium and often scored as a Euphonium double.

The Trombone

tromboneThe trombone is especially used to compose quick packages that require some degree of soloist capabilities. Commonly used in jazz roles, the trombone has proven to be one of the most difficult tools to use in composing music due to the slide mechanism required. The bass trombone which is a slight variation of the trombone is used in situations where the composer wishes to explore various depths of the Bass while still retaining the strength of their music.


tubaThe tuba has often been referred to as the bedrock of an ensemble, the very groundwork upon which it relies. Tubas are classified into 2 different categories namely the E-flat and the B-flat. The former kind is mostly used for solo passages while the latter kind works best for sustained tones. Because of this versatility, the tuba forms a fundamental part of a brass band and may be used to carry out the various levels of music composition such as chord building and dove tailing.

The Euphonium

euphoniumThe Euphonium is yet another inseparable part of the bass brand. One of the reasons why many music composers prefer this tool is due to the fact that it can be doubled with almost anything to achieve great results. It especially excels in soloist compositions and due to its great range, it is a favorite for cutting through an ensemble. It is also worth mentioning that since it is considered to be closely related to the tuba, it can also be added where a strong sound consistency is required.

Finally, there is one more tool that I am not counting in my list but wanted to add anyway: your voice. The singing voice, via the vocal cords, are one of the most important tools for any good composer.

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