Stephan Moccio – A Distinguished Composer

composer desk during break

Stephan Moccio is an exceptionally gifted composer who has deployed the full range of his dynamic skills to promote contemporary music. He is also a gifted songwriter, recording artist (his singing is amazing), and pianist. Moccio was born on 20 October 1972 in St. Catharines, Ontario. He is widely considered as one of the most innovative and highly prolific composers alive today and someday may be considered among the best ever.

composer desk during break
This composer is taking a break.

Moccio’s style of composition reveals the influences of a variety of genres including jazz, classical, hip hop, dance, and blues. His outstanding skills are clearly manifest in the many songs that he has co-written including “Wrecking Ball” and “A New Day Has Come” for Miley Cyrus and Celine Dion respectively.

His capacity to compose, produce, and sing are some of the unique strengths that endear him to his admirers. Besides, he has demonstrated the willingness to work with other people in the vast industry with the objective of expanding the overall experience of contemporary music. In all respects, he remains a leading light in the development of art and music.


Moccio joined The University of Western Ontario after high school and graduated with Bachelor of Arts in composition and piano performance. His main interest after graduation was the development of his professional career. At the age of 22, Moccio was engaged with Sony/ATV on a publishing deal that also saw him work as a session musician, composer, and in-house producer.

In various occasions, Moccio would play in hotel lounges and in various Toronto jazz clubs. A lot of his time would be spent in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville on writing sessions. It was here that he wrote many songs for famous artists who acknowledged his special talents and passion.

Moccio’s Impact on Television Programs

Moccio began working for various television programs in 1996 in the areas of writing, performing, and producing some of the highly popular shows such as Camilla Scot Show. Other television shows that engaged his skills include House and Home (1998) and ETalk (2008). However, his real skills would be revealed in music composition.

Later in 2003, Moccio decided to concentrate on his own publishing form, Sing Little Penguin where he worked on a lot of solo projects and collaborations. One of his most successful collaborations was with Sarah Brightman on the popular single, “What You Never Know.” Moccio combined his rare talents with the skills of his peers to give the collaborations a remarkable appeal.


Moccio was nominated for Grammy and Academy Awards because of his illustrious efforts in the advancement of music. His willingness to explore new possibilities in the field of music is what wins him the overwhelming support that he continues to enjoy across the board. Moccio’s energy and commitment to the growth of music reflect his desire to connect with wider audiences.

When he is not composing, singing, or producing music, Moccio is passionate about sports and often finds ways in which his talent in music might contribute to the development of sports. He has composed various theme songs for broadcasts. Ultimately, this renowned composer has contributed immensely to the flourishing of music.

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